Thursday, 31 July 2014

Take Great Care Of Your Vehicle

In April 2014, a report published by IBIS World (Car Wash & Auto Detailing in the US: Market Research Report) revealed the revenue of the auto detailing industry in the United States to be worth over $9 billion! It is quite clear from this report that car detailing is anything but your regular soap wash.
Let us briefly survey the steps a rigorous process of car detailing does require:
(1) The first step includes taking out the upholstery, mats, etc from the interior and thorough vacuuming of every available inch. Each of the items taken out must be cleaned separately. Carpets and upholstery, particularly costlier ones will require special treatments.
(2) Removal of holes and blemishes of mats and carpets are part of the process. All items are dried completely before restoration. Otherwise damp articles become happy hunting grounds for fungi. A non–slip dressing is put in place under the brake / accelerator pedal for obvious reasons. The dashboard undergoes cleaning using compressed air and special types of brushes.
The same applies for air ventilators, which are cleaned with microfiber cloth and then polished gently to give a shiny look.
(3) Shampooing off the nylon products is done. Special care is taken to clean the glasses, particularly the tinted ones, to avoid scratches.
(4) Cleaning up the exterior is as much a meticulous process as the interior. Parts like wheel rims, tire and other non-metallic components are sanitized multiple times before polishing off with various specially formulated liquids.
If you are have preference for a matte over a glossy look or vice versa you will have to select your polishing materials and methods of polishing the surfaces accordingly. Electronic components are wrapped into waterproof sheets of paper as per necessity.
(5) If you care for your car paints then you must use car wash soaps and leave alone the regular detergents or shampoos during car detailing. Do not let the soap air dry, instead, clean with chamois or very soft cloth to avoid any bubble mark. At this stage removing the previous wax, polishing and removing the polish before reapplying of the protective wax needs to be done.
The whole process of car detailing is rounded off with buffing the engine. It goes without saying that following a careful process of car detailing extends the longevity of your vehicle. Experts recommend the process to be followed three to four times a year. Remember, driving a gleaming car around makes you feel great!
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