Monday, 18 August 2014

The Benefits of Detailing

Most people who get their car detailed do so for the reason that it makes the car look good. No doubt, a clean, shiny car gets attention. Have you ever noticed how your car even seems to drive better after a good detailing? Besides making the car look good, there are other important reasons why your car should be detailed on a regular basis. Here are 3 main areas of the car that benefit from car detailing:
1. Paint: The paint of a car is it's protective barrier. Besides that, it's the personality of the car. It says the most about that car and about the owner of the car. However, without proper washing and waxing, the paint is the first to show signs of neglect such as fading, cracking, and peeling. Regular waxing is important to protect the finish from ultraviolet rays from the sun which is the main reason for paint deterioration. You can usually tell if your car needs to be waxed by feeling the paint. If it no longer feels slick and has a "squeak" to the paint, it probably needs a coat of wax. A proper detailing always includes a wax job.
2. Wheels: The wheels and tires get all the road grime. Obviously, they are what make the car go down the road. Besides accumulating brake dust, they are exposed to dirt, water, oils, tar, salt and all other debris that manages to gather on the road. People invest a lot of money on wheels and tires alone. Corrosion from road grime build up on wheels can erode and pit the finish and ruin an expensive investment. Thoroughly washing the wheels and tires weekly and using special protective wheel wax can extend the look and life of them considerably and is an important part of the car detailing process.
3. Interior: Whether the interior is leather, fabric or vinyl, it is important to have the interior regularly cleaned and detailed. This extends the life of the interior by keeping leather seats soft and supple, keeps vinyl free from stains and cracking, and keeps fabric seats from fading, stains, and tears. Applying protective agents on the dashboard keeps it from fading and cracking. This is where the driver spends all of his time. A clean, fresh interior is just more pleasant for driver and passengers.
A car that has been regularly detailed will hold it's resale value because it shows that it has been well cared for.
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