Sunday, 3 August 2014


Home Page Advice
It’s common sense that the home page is the most important page on your web site. Most of your new visitors will enter your site through the home page. Your main priority for the home page is to make sure it gives new visitors a great first impression of your site and business. If you fail with your first impression, a lot of visitors will leave and most likely never to return.
Below are a few tips on how to make a great first impression with your home page.

The First 3 Seconds Count The Most
You only have about three seconds to give your new visitors a great first impression of your site and business. If the visitor is not impressed, they may leave your site forever and not return. Everyone knows first impressions matter. Many studies of human behaviour have shown that we decide if we like or not like something, or someone, in the first few seconds we are presented with it.

Site Identity
Your home page must quickly convey:
  • Website name
  • What the website is about

Main Navigation
The primary navigational cues on a website are usually the links at the very top of each page. They give a quick overview of the website's content. The links should link to the main categories of the web site and be worded in such a way that they are all self-explanatory.
Many people confuse the primary navigational links with the local navigation links. Local navigation links are links to web site pages within a category and are usually displayed on the left side of sub-pages

Fresh Content
You should offer fresh content on your website at a regular interval as we are in the information age. This will encourage people to return to your website on a regular basis.
New content should always be promoted on the home page and in the blog.

The Importance Of Search
A search engine is one of the most popular functions on any web site, which is why it is so popular to see search functionality on the home page. Your websites search engine should only search your site, not other websites around the Web, unless that is exactly the service you're providing your users.

Websites that rely on advertising to bring in sales need to have prime space set aside for its sponsors. Usually,  the best real estate is usually on the home page and "above-the-fold" (visible without having to scroll down the page).
Even though you may need to show adverts, the home page has to still download quickly.

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